The way we work

When dealing with the various challenges of foreign projects - distance, economic and legal conditions, language, culture, time difference - the most valuable is a partner on the spot. This is exactly what we offer you. Our local partners have proven themselves over many years, they have excellent contacts and opportunities in their home countries. We have been cooperating with the first partners since 1997 and are a well-established team that is ready to prove its creativity and performance anew.

Concrete projects, in which our way of working is reflected, can be found here.

Yours & our goals

  • Sales of your products and services
  • Purchasing for production and trading your company
  • Development of ideas
  • Solving your problems
  • Professional and sustainable work

Our approach

  • We will work with you to discuss your situation and ideas in depth
  • We will research and analyze the situation in the target country - on the spot.
  • We will work out a plan for you and how to act and interact.
  • We will integrate milestones and reorientation phases.
  • In case of corresponding concepts, we will realize the plan - together.
  • During the implementation, we are in constant contact with you.
  • We will integrate your expertise and expectations into our ongoing activities.
  • You will receive a detailed service transfer.
  • You will receive recommendations from us and our partners for your further action.
  • If desired, we are available for the next phase, the next project.

Service transfer

  • Direct customer contact
  • Accompanying
  • consultation
  • Market data
  • contact details
  • photos
  • Protocols,
  • template
  • sources
  • Legal texts
  • Summaries
  • Interim and final reports
  • Action scenarios and recommendations
  • assignments

What you will get

  • More sales
  • Entry into a new market
  • In-depth knowledge of this market
  • Strengthen your home market
  • Reduce dependency on other markets
  • Improvement of production and sales processes
  • Increased reputation
  • New synergies with other companies and individuals
  • New opportunities


Your benefits

  • You benefit from expert knowledge without investing in their own foreign department.
  • We are available if necessary, we do not have to start with provisional solutions or with overcapacities.
  •  Our many years of international contacts can be used.
  • All important information sources have already been developed by us and are available at our disposal.
  • All participants can communicate with our partners in their country, they "swim in your waters".
  • Local presence can protect against negative surprises (for example by a quality control), it can be addressed individually to the customer.
  • We serve as the communication center of all foreign customers and help to reduce costs.
  • The risk of foreign trade is reduced by the use of local experts.
  • You can concentrate on your core competency and achieve optimal results.
  • We can immediately start planning and implementing your foreign trade projects.

Our remuneration

  •  Objectives, details, scope and timeframe of our work we will fix with you within the planning of the project.
  • Depending on the activity, we charge a fixed fee or a performance-related commission.
  • The amount and composition of our fee varies by activity and destination country.
  • If we fail to meet our commitments, you will be refunded accordingly.

    Concrete projects, in which our way of working is reflected, can be found here.

    We would be pleased to answer your questions in a personal meeting.

"I'm a cheap second" (Michael Schumacher)